Improve your Local Search Visibility with Google’s Local Business Center

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Have you ever thought of advertising on Google’s Local Business Center? Have you ever even heard of this Google service?? For those of you that are blissfully unaware of this advertising opportunity here is how this service works……

Start by signing up your business at https://www.google.com/local/add/login. You must have a Google account to login. Once logged in, you fill in your company details and indicate to Google what business you are in. Then you must verify your new listing with Google. This can be done by phone, text or mail. An automated call or text will pass you on a 5 digit code which allows you to verify your listing. Now you are finished!

By registering your business with GLBC you will now start appearing in Google local business search results. For example, I have set-up JumpStart Marketing on GLBC. When I type in the search query ‘Internet marketing Nenagh’ into Google.ie our business will now appear in the local search results. Your business listing will also be available on Google maps. This allows you to increase your exposure in Google search results. This will drive more business to your website.